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To sign up for one of my services, please email me at, and I will respond to you as soon as possible. Please note that all of my services can be done long distance (online) as well as in-person.

  1. Usui Reiki 30 Minute Session: $50

Complete body healing session for half of an hour.

Brief consultation before (free of charge), Usui Reiki will be administered either in person or long distance, then a short de-briefing will follow the session (also free of charge).

    2. Usui Reiki 60 Minute Session: $100

Complete body healing session, with special attention to needs, for entire hour.

We will begin with a consultation (free of charge), addressing any physical or mental stressors that may need extra attention. The hour-long session of healing may be done either in person or long distance. Following the Reiki, we will follow up with impression, thoughts, and any questions you may have (also free of charge).

    3. Realignment Plan Consultation & Creation: $150

Each Consultation will last from 30-60 minutes, in which we will talk together (in person, or online) to make a comprehensive picture of your goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Following the consultation, I will create a 30 Day Realignment Plan for you to follow. It will be delivered to you to you within five days of our consultation. You may choose to go it alone, which is fine, or follow up with me each week for additional cost (see below).

    4. Realignment Plan Continuous Support: $100 per meeting

Each week, at a time of your choosing, we will meet (either in person or online) to discuss your progress.

During this time it is customary to ask any question you may have, for us to adjust your plan for any reason, or for me to give additional advice as you go along your journey.

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Join my free Wellness & Health group for support in all of our Goddess Power endeavors. 

A like-minded tribe of women from all walks of life, coming together for the sole purpose of support and love. This is a cruelty free zone in which you can discuss your triumphs and struggles with all things: nutrition, weight, trauma, business, etc.

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