It’s Not All Roses

Not everything is love and light.


We all go through hard times. Part of growing up is taking the hard hits, ones you never deserved, and trying to understand why. Recovery is not a straight line. Many of us deal with pain in unconventional ways, but know this:

There is no WRONG way.

You are the person you are today, regardless of what you may have done to yourself, regardless of what others may have done to you. Take a moment and appreciate your pitfalls; give them the same love as your triumphs.



Taurus Time

Taurus, you strong gentle & proud animal, we are entering your time of power.


For you, 2017 is a big year career-wise. The beginning of this year may have been introspective, and also required some quiet observation on your part. But, if you pay careful attention to strengthening yourself, great things are in store.

It is the time to put in hard work, so that you can claim the fruits of this labor. Put the leg-work in, and it will pay off. Develop work ties and relationships. Begin to cultivate a wealth of business wisdom to serve you best at the end of 2017; it will extend far into your future.


Tea Time

yogi tea

Yogi tea time. Their messages hit home every once in a while. 

Moon Cycle Tea is amazing for your cycle, ladies! Not only does it ease common menstrual symptoms, but this tea will actually just make your reproductive organs sing! For ladies who have irregular periods, it will keep things regulated, no joke. The herbs in here are powerful in small doses.

Note please that it is not intended for pregnant ladies. There are some herbs (mainly Dong Quai in this one) that are slightly abortifacient.

She’s Waiting


that woman you dream of/ the one everyone told you you couldn’t or shouldn’t be/ she’s always been there/ she’s waiting for you/ to just reach out and say, “i’m ready now.”


Rose (or Maggime5e Hellwig) is a Reiki Level II Practitioner, trained in Usui Reiki by Marcia Hebrank (MSW, ATP, AI, & CACR) at One Light Center in Durham, NC. She also is trained in Chakra-Yoga Connection by Yoga Instructor and Activist Sean Corne. She balances two sides to her life: teaching and writing, as well as a passion for holistic healing practices.

Maggie attended Dickinson College to receive her BFA in English Literature in 2003-2007. Following graduation, she worked briefly with Michigan Peace Team, Habitat for Humanity, and as a caretaker & teacher for adults with developmental disabilities.

In 2013, she returned to school at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated with her MFA in Writing in 2015. She has been published in several literary magazines, and other online publications such as and She also teaches English Literature, and Composition & Rhetoric online for Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

In her spare time, Maggie volunteers at Orange County Literary Council, visiting the local women’s shelter to conduct and assist in creative writing classes.

You can contact Rose via email at