Realignment Plans are my version of a wellness plan. The plan, which we will formulate together, are based upon your preferences (religion or secular thought, habits, diet, childhood, personality, etc.).


These plans are for those who are attempting to reach their optimal potential, and come fully into their own personality and power. Each human being is gifted, and exists within their own free will, to serve their heart’s desires and aspirations.  

Reiki and Realignment Plans are never a substitute for medical or psychological/psychiatric assistance.* Medical and psychological well-being are your foundation. Once these basic needs are being met, it is then that you can begin to grow into your power. Furthermore, Reiki and Realignment Plans are not meant to serve as therapy, but rather artistic healing. Below are the main tenants of every Realignment Plan.

1. Roots

All of my work is firmly based in the idea that you cannot grow upward as a being until you have explored downward into your roots. Root work in your Realignment Plan will often include specific meditations, free writing, and some research on the part of the consumer. It is about self-discovery and understanding.

2. Ritual

While you may not realize it, you already have many daily rituals that structure your life: morning coffee or tea, exercise, daily commute, walking the dog, etc. In ritual work, we will explore a new kind of ritual- one that is meant to ignite your soul. These rituals often include morning and evening practices, journaling, tracking food, or active gratification.

3. Communication & Expression

When we ignore communication and expression, our throat chakra becomes stagnant or blocked. Throughout our lives, many people seek to devalue our words and truths. But when we actively work through the blockages, and keep a sense of childlike creativity in our lives, we will flourish. Communicative & Expressive work often relates to artistic projects for some, and vocalization for others.

4. Action

Human beings spend a lot of times in their thinking body, but often little time acting. Our confidence, contrary to public opinion, is a muscle that needs to be flexed. We are constantly bombarded with reasons to stay on our phones, on the computer, inside, and neglect the social aspect of our nature. Active work is meant to take you into the world; it ranges from nature walks, to volunteering, to outings done solo.

5. Education

What do you want to know more about? Perhaps you are interested in studying different religions or mythologies. Maybe you want to know more about how your physical body works. What kind of education correlates to your well-being? This does not mean indulging in any kind of diagnosis**, but rather expanding the understand of yourself as a human.

*If I believe that you, as my consumer, are in need of assistance outside of my capabilities, I will make recommendations. I also reserve the right to suspend any future interactions until outside assistance has been sought on the part of the consumer.
**Education plans will not include the consumer’s specific mental illness (if he/she/they have one). For example, if a consumer has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, education on the disease will not be part of the plan.