It Affects Us All

Grief, it affects us all.


It is the losses we expect that are manageable, although they cause damage just like any other loss. But the losses that we don’t expect–those are the ones that creep up on us; they steal our foundation when we least see it coming.

Can we grieve for things we never had? Yes. Most certainly, yes. 

Just because we have lost something, does not mean that we physically had it to begin with. Perhaps we had an image of how our life would be, a child who never was born, or love that we never received–these are all things to grieve. In fact, treating these losses as one would treat the loss of anything/one else is imperative to moving forward.

There is no one chakra that is responsible for grief; all seven major chakras are damaged from loss. Tend to them. Tend to yourself. It’s the little traumas that add up if we do not see to them properly.


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