Mercury in Retrograde, Stigma.

“Spiritual millennial hippie woo-woo” is somewhat becoming mainstream nowadays. For the most part, it’s a good thing, although there are cultural appropriative set-backs that I could go into…I won’t.

I hear the phrase quite often, and the number of times that it’s murmured and cursed at is starting to get excessive: “Is Mercury in Retrograde? ‘Cause everything is a mess.”


To be clear, yes–Mercury is in Retrograde. Something is always in retrograde.

Wiccans, Buddhists, Hindus, and others believe that everything happens in cycles. It’s a hands-on, practical observation. The seasons, the years, waves crashing, and–yes, life: all are cyclical. So if you’re looking for an out or feel like hiding under some throw blankets during MiR, you should reconsider.

No one ever accomplished anything by hiding under the covers anyway.

Humans are constantly being detoxified: spiritually, scientifically, digestively, and at a cellular level. You are decaying matter and regeneration simultaneously. Pretty cool, huh? So why hide from something just because it is seemingly wreaking havoc on your life? Odds are, it’s just an upheaval of all the BS.

I don’t normally feel tested by MiR, although I’ll admit this past week was one of the most frustrating ones I’ve had in months. It seemed like every day presented a series of patience-trying obstacles I had to hurl myself through in order to find myself at home, safe. It’s okay, though, I managed.

Take a deep breath. Life is showing you what you’re made of, how to deal, and how to be scrappy; it is asking you to calm your temper, slow your heartbeat, and do some metaphorical (or literal) push-ups.

MiR is good for us. Blaming the universe for crappy days is like blaming the sun for your headache. Do you think the sun going to listen to you? Is it going to go away just to fix your pain? No, it just does what it does.

So do what you do best: regenerate.


It Affects Us All

Grief, it affects us all.


It is the losses we expect that are manageable, although they cause damage just like any other loss. But the losses that we don’t expect–those are the ones that creep up on us; they steal our foundation when we least see it coming.

Can we grieve for things we never had? Yes. Most certainly, yes. 

Just because we have lost something, does not mean that we physically had it to begin with. Perhaps we had an image of how our life would be, a child who never was born, or love that we never received–these are all things to grieve. In fact, treating these losses as one would treat the loss of anything/one else is imperative to moving forward.

There is no one chakra that is responsible for grief; all seven major chakras are damaged from loss. Tend to them. Tend to yourself. It’s the little traumas that add up if we do not see to them properly.

Tree Magik

Nature always finds a way.

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Taken on Morgan Creek Trail: Chapel Hill, NC

Did you know that trees protect defenseless close-by saplings or stumps by growing foliage over their neighbors? Or, that trees cannot grow or live very well on their own?No wonder all those landscapers have a hard time making a single tree thrive!

Much like human beings, who require a support system to bloom, trees require a deep and intricate root system in order to survive. They are “pack” vegetation, if you will.

Salix Alba

this is what aspirin was formulated to imitate. 

if you’ve never tried willow bark for those aches and pains, i suggest you give it a go! It doesn’t tear your gut up the way that most pain killers do.

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Internal Universe 

You have a mysterious, marvelous, & magnificent world inside of you. Each being is endowed with a wealth of intuitive knowledge. “Listen to your heart,” “Feel it in your gut,” or, “Know it in your bones.”

What is your body telling you?

Handling Seasonal Allergies, The Natural Way

Let’s talk about seasonal allergies.


I know I have them! Personally, mine are icky enough that I do buy over the counter stuff (Allegra), but I know plenty of people who prefer to use natural remedies. I’ve done this too, and it is completely manageable.

Here are some of the things that actually work:

  1. Bee Pollen. Some people recommend that you eat local honey. This has never worked for me. What has worked is a daily dose of Bee Pollen. Don’t buy the capsule stuff; go to Whole Foods or your local co-op and find the refrigerated vitamins & supplements–buy that stuff. Eat it raw, put it in your cereal, sprinkle it on your yogurt.
  2. Quercetin. Quercetin is a flavonoid antioxidant that is in lots of leafy green veggies. It fights free radical damage, inflammation, and (here’s the kicker) it’s a great decongestant. You can buy it as a supplement, and it will be effective. It’s not the cheapest option, but it definitely gets the job done.
  3. Chrysanthemum Tea. You can find dried chrysanthemum usually at your local Asian supermarket, or you can buy it online. If you want to, you can place it in boiling water to make herbal tea. Or, you can go ahead and buy it in tea form. It doesn’t always taste great, but if you drink enough of it, it will kick that hay fever in the butt. It also promotes heart health, serves as a nerve relaxant, and will boost your immune system.
  4. There are a few herbal brands you can find at your local co-op or Whole Foods that pack a punch. Some of the top brands are: Boiron, Source Naturals, Native Remedies (usually found online), or Rainbow Light.
  5. The last option isn’t exactly a last minute one, but the Nettie Pot is excellent for preventative care. It clears nasal passages, and gives relief to many. Despite what many people may tell you, DO NOT wait until you are suffering to use it. The Nettie Pot is meant to keep things from getting guncky; it’s not a de-guncker. Instead of getting the Saline Nasal Spray, get the actual pot to use with the salt formula (please don’t just use table salt) and warm water.

It’s Not All Roses

Not everything is love and light.


We all go through hard times. Part of growing up is taking the hard hits, ones you never deserved, and trying to understand why. Recovery is not a straight line. Many of us deal with pain in unconventional ways, but know this:

There is no WRONG way.

You are the person you are today, regardless of what you may have done to yourself, regardless of what others may have done to you. Take a moment and appreciate your pitfalls; give them the same love as your triumphs.


Taurus Time

Taurus, you strong gentle & proud animal, we are entering your time of power.


For you, 2017 is a big year career-wise. The beginning of this year may have been introspective, and also required some quiet observation on your part. But, if you pay careful attention to strengthening yourself, great things are in store.

It is the time to put in hard work, so that you can claim the fruits of this labor. Put the leg-work in, and it will pay off. Develop work ties and relationships. Begin to cultivate a wealth of business wisdom to serve you best at the end of 2017; it will extend far into your future.


Tea Time

yogi tea

Yogi tea time. Their messages hit home every once in a while. 

Moon Cycle Tea is amazing for your cycle, ladies! Not only does it ease common menstrual symptoms, but this tea will actually just make your reproductive organs sing! For ladies who have irregular periods, it will keep things regulated, no joke. The herbs in here are powerful in small doses.

Note please that it is not intended for pregnant ladies. There are some herbs (mainly Dong Quai in this one) that are slightly abortifacient.